- 让你沦陷的眼睛

- 一个富有感染力的微笑

- 最可爱的小手

Obsession is an ever-present aspect of modern fandom, and since early February, a new and popular meme format has given fans a different, more specific way to express their infatuation for celebrities and pop-culture characters. Typically posted with the caption or tag "anatomy of," the meme breaks down the unique characteristics that make its subject — normally a photograph of a celebrity or an anime character — appealing. A characteristic example is an "anatomy of Remy," the beloved rat from Disney's Ratatouille. The original picture has Remy smiling and holding a small container of spices, but the new image-turned-meme has a color palette of light blue, brown, and a pink beige in the upper left corner. Dotted squiggly lines run up to the eyes, and a zoomed-in picture captioned "eyes you could drown in" is placed above a zoomed-in picture of his hands captioned "cutest little hands." "a contagious smile" hovers near his mouth.

痴迷行为是现代饭圈的一种普遍现象,从二月份初开始,网络上流行起了一种新的网红形式,为广大粉丝群体带来了一种独特的、更具体的方式,来表达他们对明星和流行文化角色的迷恋之情。这些网红梗通常都贴有「anatomy of」的标题或是标签,开创了一种与众不同的特色,使得这些主题——通常是明星或动漫人物的图片——变得更具吸引力。一个典型的例子是「anatomy of Remy」,这是一只来自迪士尼的「美食总动员」的可爱老鼠,原图中 Remy 面带微笑,手里拿着一个装着香料的小容器。但是新的网红图片在左上方加上了浅蓝色、棕色和杏粉色的配色。一条弯弯曲曲的虚线一直延伸到 Remy 的眼睛,在一张眼部放大的照片上写着「让你沦陷的眼睛」,下方有一张手部的放大照片写着「最可爱的小手」,在它的嘴边盘旋了一句「一个富有感染力的微笑」。

- 柔软蓬松的头发

- 闪亮的双眼和完美的眉毛

- 可爱的微笑

- 太想要一杯像样的咖啡了

- 最漂亮的黑色眼球

- 最尖的舌头 in 木叶

- 发明了绘画

- 穿露脐上衣

- 闪亮的光头

- 标志性的圆框眼镜

- 准备按下金按钮的双手

Similar examples proliferate across fandoms: The Umbrella Academy, Naruto, and even Howie Mandel, amongst many others. Early forms of the "anatomy of" memes pictured K-pop stars and anime characters, with fandom pages on Twitter and Tumblr depicting the earliest posts in the style, but have since spread. Many of the meme designers used the app Picsart as well as other apps like Superimpose, Pixellab, Google Slides, and VSCO, which enable easy manipulation of photos.

许多类似的例子在饭圈中层出不穷:伞学院,火隐忍者,甚至是 Howie Mandel 等等。「解剖」梗的早期形式是描述韩国明星还有动漫人物的, Twitter 和 Tumblr 的粉丝页面上最早出现了用这种形式的帖子,但后来就流传开了。许多造梗手用 Picsart app 进行创作,也有用其他的 app 的,比如 Superimpose,Pixellab,Google Slides 以及 VSCO 等等,它们可以让图片处理变得简单。

- 栗色的头发

- 心形的刘海

- carats的入耳!!

- 可爱表情大师 >3<

- 金发下看不见的光环

- 蜂蜜肌

- 王子洋装

Twitter user @tjkippens, who made the "anatomy of Remy" meme, told The Outline she used Google Slides. Another user, @moonrayla made a thread to show other meme makers how to make this particular style, starting with a picture of Keith Kogane from the anime series Voltron. First, she color corrected the image in the VSCO app, then used the Picsart app to crop Keith's eyes and hand to place on the outer edges of the frame. She finished by using the Phonto app to add the written captions "sparkling eyes" and "cute little gloves" as well as the red and purple color pallette.

推特用户@tjkippens,创作了「anatomy of Remy」这个梗,告诉我们她用的是 Google Slides 。另一位用户@moonrayla 用「新战神金刚」里 Keith Kogane 的一行照片,做了一个系列的教程,来向其他创作者展示她是怎样制作这种特殊风格的。首先,她在 VSCO app 中对图片进行调色,然后用 Picsart app 把 Keith 的眼睛和手裁剪到人物框架的外边,最后用 Phonto app 加上「闪烁的双眼」和「可爱的小手套」的文字,以及红色、紫色的配色。

Stuff like this has floated around before. While the earliest examples of this format date to mid-February, Knowyourmeme.com lists a meme style called "Proper Anatomy" that originated on March 11, 2013 with a meme described as "the proper goat anatomy." The meme depicts a baby goat with lines drawn to different body parts and inaccurate but funny labels; his nose is labeled a "snootle" and his mouth a "smoocher." Though there's no proven correlation, the "anatomy of" celebrity and anime character memes follow the "Proper Anatomy" style, but with an accurate representation of the subject.

像这样的东西以前就有过。这种形式最早的例子出现在二月中旬,Knowyourmeme.com 列出了一种网红风格并称其为「正确的解剖」,它起源于 2013年3月11日 ,还用了「正确的山羊解剖」进行描述。这张图描绘了一只小山羊,它身上的不同部位都画有线条,标签虽然不准确,但是很有意思;他的鼻子被贴上了「用来摩擦的地方」,而嘴是「用来接吻的地方」。虽然不能证明有什么相关性,但明星和动漫人物的「解剖」梗遵循了「正确的解剖」的风格,并准确的表达了主题。


There is an uncanny aspect to the format. Obsessing over the individual physical elements of any star is expected from fans, but to see it so formalized — look at these five details of a person's face, which we've taken care to accentuate — seems… obsessive. Whole swaths of the internet are devoted to fandom; this just takes it a notch further. Tired: posting a photo of Nicki Minaj captioned "she really did that"; wired: posting a photo of Nicki Minaj zoomed in on each part of her face, captioned "her vivid eyes and strong cheekbones really did that."


过时:贴一张 Nicki Minaj 的照片,配上文字「她真的那样做了」;

新鲜:贴一张 Nicki Minaj 的照片,放大了她脸部的每个部分,配上文字「她生动的眼睛和强壮的颧骨那样做了。」

- 迷人的眼睛

- 漂亮的嘴唇

- 波浪卷发

- 纤细的小手

Not that the motivation is so insidious. When asked why they liked the "anatomy of" style, users who had taken the time to make their own versions of the meme responded with answers like "it's cute" and "the aesthetic my dude." Another user, @glimmadora, said, "I like how it points out nice cute details!" User @moonrayla, the creator of the "anatomy of Keith Kogane" thread told The Outline, "I like it because it's a really fun and cute way to show your love for a character or celebrity you like and it's not hard at all. . . anyone can draw on an image on their phone." @tjkippens, "anatomy of Remy" meme maker, pointed out that "they're also just nice to look at too." This is just the way fandom is, now. Sometimes, it can even be nice.

这种行为的动机并非很恶趣味。 当他们被问到为什么喜欢这种「解剖」形式的时候,那些花时间创作的造梗手回答「很可爱啊」和「审美观啊,老哥」。 另一位用户@glimmadora说:「我喜欢它指出这些漂亮可爱细节的方式!」 用户@moonrayla,「anatomy of Keith Kogane」的创作者告诉我们,「我喜欢它,因为这是一种非常有趣和可爱的方式来表达你对你喜欢的角色或名人的爱,而且它一点也不难。 任何人都可以在手机上画画。」@tjkippens,「anatomy of Remy」的创作者,说「它们看起来也很不错。」 现在的粉丝就是这个样子,有时候甚至也挺好的。